Shomal in Persian Language (Farsi) means North, hence, The Shomal (North) Restaurant designed with a great architectural touch & operate with a Persian traditional way of hospitality to take you beyond North America into tradition north boundaries of Iran, where the famous Caspian sea’s beluga’s Caviar coming from.

The Shomal Restaurant establishment goes back to early 60s, when the grand family of current owner decides to provide the tourists and other visitors from Tehran and surrounding cities with their city’s traditional cuisine (Soume’eh Sara) and exquisite taste of homemade Persian cuisine.

The Quality and Hospitality of service were great and unique enough to register the Shomal Restaurant, one of the main stop for the visitor that were passing by.

By immigration of the family to North America, The idea of creating Shomal (North) Restaurant in North America to serve not only Persian But other cultured people made the Shomal Restaurant a new friendly place for tourism and local visitors. The quality and magnitude of food and services become huge and today people from far away come to Toronto to try our special appetizers and main dishes. Daily we have Customers far from California and European countries.

Shomal Restaurant is located in the heart of Med-town Toronto , close to major hotels and world class shopping centers.

Shomal features Continental Cuisine, in a progressive North American style with service that is smart, professional and courteous. Two level dining floors including VIP sections for special occasions and patio for sunny Toronto ‘s summer. Shomal Restaurant has the ability of accommodating 180 people during winter and 280 in summer, including the patio sits.

One of the reason

that the Shomal (North) Restaurant is unique,

is because of the Menu. The signature appetizers such as: Bademjan Kabab, Mirza Ghasemi, Zeytoon parvardeh, and Signature main food such as Kabab Torsh, Polo Kabab ; That Shomal Restaurant cooks with Halal meat and high quality ingredient, makes the menu outstanding than the competitors.

Another reason of being number one is because of our management team, they have experience in the hospitality industry, management, health, safety and customer support for over 15 years.

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